UM CORPO DE DANÇA, the newest film by director Marco Martins, is a proposal for the history of the body, showed through the path of the biggest Portuguese dance company of the 20th century. The documentary follows the rise of dance in Portugal along with the country’s political, economic and sociocultural ongoings as background. It is the story of a transforming body that frees itself from a fascist dictatorship, and of a changing society that opens itself to the world. From unreleased archive images and interviews with several creators and dancers, we follow the path of an extraordinary dance company through the movements and words of its protagonists, from creation in the early 1960s to its extinction in 2005.


an initiative of: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
a film by: Marco Martins
a production by: Vende-se Filmes
in co-production with: RTP

director: Marco Martins
assistant director: Rita Quelhas
image research and support to the director: Lígia Resende
photographical research: Sara Coelho
editing: Rita Quelhas, Catarina Lino
sound editing and mix: Miguel Martins
color grading: Mário Gaspar
original soundtrack: Filipe Raposo
written by: Marco Martins
in collaboration with: Ana Bigotte Vieira, João dos Santos Martins, Luiz Antunes e Maria José Fazenda
with unreleased archive from: Paulo Sabino
production and copyrights: Marta Martins
project coordination: Patrícia Faria
producer: Filipa Reis