3x25’ | HD | 16:9 | 2013


Documentary series, 3 episodes of 25’ each, co-production Colectivo Tás a Ver (Brasil) and Geração 80 (Angola), RTP2, 2013

Portugal: This episode follows the daily life of Paula, a young brazilian anthropologist, who lives in Lisbon and divides her apartment with two brazilian friends. More than a reflection on the immigrant condition in Portugal, this program is a testimony of friendship, sharing, love, the stereotypes of being a brazilian woman in Portugal, the hardness of work and the good side of life.


Brazil: Licinius is a young Angolan man living in Rio de Janeiro. At first glance, he seems completely adapted to the new summer life, having abandoned its roots. However, it’s inside his home that his culture comes to the fore. Despite feeling that Rio is his second home, Angola’s always in his dreams and future.


Angola: The days of a young portuguese woman living in Luanda, Angola. She emigrated for professional reasons and is happy, and has a good group of friends and a very active social life in the country that welcomed her. She feels free to make her day-to-day normaly, but what she misses the most is the closeness of friends and family in Portugal. The return home is her main objective.