The King’s Favorite

13x45' | HD | 1.85:1 | 2017


Portugal 18th century. Paula – young, vibrant, beautiful – is forced to take holy orders, the only chance of a better life for a girl as poor as she. But convent life has little appeal, especially as her lowly status dooms her to a life of drudgery – while the more privileged sisters enjoy special treatment. Yet Paula soon learns to use her beauty and feminine wiles to improve her position. When King João V sees Paula for the first time, it is love at first sight and an affair begins that will last a lifetime and result in a bastard son. The Queen, used to her husband’s casual infidelities, realizes that things are different this time. Paula is a true threat and must be eliminated. As must her son. No bastard shall ascend the throne! The queen joins forces with the discontented nobles already plotting against the king, led by his own brother, who seeks to replace him. Can the royal love affair prevail and their son survive the queen’s jealous rage?


with: Paulo Pires, Joana Ribeiro, Sandra Faleiro, Miguel Nunes, Maya Booth, Filipe Vargas, Guilherme Filipe, Joana Pais de Brito, Romeu Costa, Maria Leite, Maria José Paschoal, Pedro Lacerda, Nuno Janeiro, Miguel Moreira, Miguel Raposo, Sara Carinhas, Paulo Calatré, Paulo Oom, Rui Porto Nunes, André Nunes, Gabriela Barros, Teresa Tavares, António Simão, Pedro Caeiro

art director: Artur Pinheiro
costume designer: Tânia Franco
make-up artist: Abigail Machado
hair stylist: Mário Leal
cinematography: João Pedro Plácido, Miguel Robalo, Hugo Azevedo
sound: Pedro Melo
editors: Pedro Ribeiro, Ricardo Mesquita, Catarina Lino, Pedro Fernandes
script: Patrícia Müller, Eduarda Laia
production manager: Sérgio Baptista
producer: Filipa Reis
directors: Tiago Alvarez Marques, Rita Nunes
author: Patrícia Müller (based on her novel)