Sophia, In Her Own Words


Resorting to the author’s personal assets, to current images of places where she lived or that she treasured, and to TV and film archive images; quoting her prose and poetry always with first hand testimonies; from Porto to Lisbon, from Granja to Lagos, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, from Greece to the 25th of April: the passions and disillusionments of a life and work dedicated to the quest for reality, freedom and justice.


Directed by: Manuel Mozos
With the colaboration of: Maria Andresen de Sousa Tavares
Edited by: Luís Nunes
Cinematography: Hugo Azevedo
Sound: Nuno Henrique
Color Correction: Andreia Bertini
Produced by: Filipa Reis, Vasco Costa
Broadcasting Director (RTP 1): José Fragoso