Secret Ingredient

7 Seasons | 13x25’ | HD | 16:9 | 2010-2015


SECRET INGREDIENT is a Portuguese cooking show which challenges the audience to create simple, tasty and unpretentious recipes to improve and elevate their day-to-day life.
For 7 seasons this show has successfully established its’ popularity with the public, creating an enormous community of more than 170 thousand facebook followers and three recipe books.


with: Henrique Sá Pessoa
producer: Filipa Reis
production manager: Daniela Soares
production assistant: Carmo Medeiros
scripted voice-over: Joana Gusmão
voice-over: Rita Loureiro
original opening credits and graphic design: Mário Belém
opening credits (seasons 6, 7): Filipe Jorge
opening theme (seasons 1-5): Tiago Martins
original soundtrack: Miguel Sá Pessoa
lights: Vasco Viana
cinematography: Vasco Viana, André Costa
camera operators: Vasco Viana, André Costa, Manuel Loureiro, Pedro Faro
camera assistants: Leonor Teles, Patrícia Vidal Delgado
sound: Rúben Costa
art direction: João Miller Guerra
make up: Inês Pais
still photography: Silvia Martinez, Real Simple Studio
editing: Catarina Lino, Filipe Jorge, Marlene Santos, José Ricardo Lopes
assistant editors: João Pereira, André Guiomar, Beatriz Pérola
graphic animation: Catarina Lino
sound mixing: Rúben Costa
assistant director: José Ricardo Lopes, Manuel Pureza, Emídio Miguel
directors: Filipa Reis, Filipe Jorge