30x5' | HD | RTP1 | 2017


With Chef Hélio Loureiro colaboration, this cooking program shows us how to prepare delicious meals and nutritious, rich in vegetables and poor in salt. In each recipe, we introduce a nutritive curiosity about an ingredient or a culinary method.


with: Hélio Loureiro, Patrícia Padrão
production: Filipa Reis
production manager: Daniela Soares
production assistant: Rafael Marques
graphic design: André Sentieiro
opening credits and animation: Francisco Carvalho
intern: Maria Garcia
original theme song: Ricardo Cabral
music supervisor: João Miller Guerra
cinematography: André Costa
camera operators: André Costa, César Passinhas, Ricardo Oliveira
sound: Rúben Costa
art direction: Bárbara Isidro
makeup: Inês Pais
editors: Bruno Lopes, Inês Pott
sound mixing: Rúben Costa
colour correction: André Costa
directed by: José Ricardo Lopes