Kê Li Kê Lá

5 films | HDV | 4:3 | 2010


KÊ LI KÊ LÁ DOCUMENTÁRIO presents five films directed by youths from Casal da Boba, Amadora, between September 2010 and January 2011, for a documentary workshop within the scope of Kê Li Kê Lá, a project of artistic sensitization and filmmaking training that Vende-se Filmes has undertaken since 2010.
This project was produced in partnership with the Terratreme film production company and the Lisbon Theatre and Film School.
Kê Li Kê Lá (“this and that” in creole), was a two year project of artistic sensitisation and filmmaking training, developed in the spirit of giving continuity to the relationship Vende-se Filmes established with the Casal da Boba neighbourhood, in Amadora.
Each Kê Li Kê Lá project has mixed two interdependent paths, placing artists, cinema professionals and neighbourhood youths on a common platform of learning, sharing and mutual acquaintance.
The youths attended workshops, acquiring knowledge in the audiovisual field. The different fields of work encompassed by this project – documentary, photography, interpretation, audiovisual techniques – allowed for the acquisition of artistic and self-awareness tools, fomenting an environment of reflexion.
Simultaneously, both artists and cinema professionals involved with Kê Li Kê Lá were exposed to the wealth of neighbourhood stories, having already produced a short film and a script for a feature length fiction film.
The development of this project was made possible by Calouste Gulbenkian Fondation and EDP Fondation funding.


Strength, Mário Monteiro, 12’

The inhabitants of the old neighbourhood of “Fontaínhas” were relocated to Casal da Boba due to Government action. This “social inclusion” ghost policy forced them to leave their homes and a place with lots of memories. They brought an “almost everything” from there and step by step they discover it was something they had never lost. Togetherness, a form of life, a culture. The strength… that made them emigrate and believe.


Pendular Movements, Luís Aniceto, 9’

Paulo leaves his house early in the morning to go to work. In the road that leads to his job he talks about the suburbs’ life, the need for a place to live, the renunciation, in the present, for the benefit of future generations.

Pendular Movements is a small portrait of the city’s rouse. The inhabitants’ needs for mobility define the daily life and the metropolitan area.


I Made a Choice, Sílvia Santos, 7’

“I made mistakes, felt sensations, hidden feelings and smiled…”

I made a choice is a documentary about sensations, impulse, option, addiction, sorrow, motivation, respect, silence and the feeling of a reality.


Next Step, Dulcelina Moreno, 19’

I always dreamed of leaving my parents’ house at an early age, to earn my independence and to be able to find my own financial means, even if that doesn’t always mean paradise.

In Next Step I explore my dream and chase it along with a friend who is about to find her own space.

Next Step portrays the search of new solutions for everyday problems, the discovery of new things, an unknown and much wanted world.


From My Trash Land, Miguel Moreira, 16’

I come into the burning trash, find the road and go up “Cotelo”

This film speaks about my memories, what I feel when I find places that look like my old house. In these places under demolition risk I try to find out how the villagers feel about it.



directors: Mário Monteiro “Boss”, Luís Aniceto, Sílvia Santos, Dulcelina Moreno, Miguel Moreira
other participants: Jacinta Moreira, Marco Calcário, Rafael Reis, Alcides Pires, Sara Guedes, Ana Ferreira, Débora Monteiro, Gizela Santos, Nelson Rodrigues, Liliana Conceição, Paulo Kamon, Nho Basofo, Rapazes do Bairro KDL, Meninas do Muro
editors: Inês Pott (“Strenght”), Catarina Lino, Andrea Solís Di Miele, Sara Morais (“Pendular Movements”), Mariana Cortes (“I Made A Choice”), Filipe Franco, Francisco Moreira (“Next Step”), Ana Costa (“From My Trash Land”)
sound mixing: Ricardo Santos
tutors: Leonor Noivo, Pedro Pinho, Frederico Lobo, Tiago Hespanha, Francisco Moreira
production manager: Daniela Soares
creative direction: Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra
project coordinator: Filipa Reis


Festin 2011 | Lisboa, PT

Other screenings:
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian | Lisboa, PT