Instructions Manual

13x25' | HD | 16:9 | 2016


INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL is not your regular cooking tv show. It is a new format intended to teach different culinary techniques, the steps and procedures to better use each ingredient and its characteristics. Using crossmedia, it is a compilation of experiences presented in multiple platforms and adapted to all audiences and forms of audiovisual consumption with the aim to bring the audience closer to the basic techniques that define the act of cooking.


host: Henrique Sá Pessoa
directed by: José Ricardo Lopes
production: Filipa Reis
content coordinator: Silvia Martinez
production coordinator: Daniela Soares
comercial: Maria Cabral
research and content: Frederico Galvão
production manager: Filipa Nuno
production assistant: Rita Laranjeira
opening credits and graphics: Mário de Belém e Daniel Sardo
original song: Sebastiano Ferranti
food styling: Frederico Galvão
art direction: João Miller Guerra
still photographer: Silvia Martinez
make-up: Inês Pais
assistant director: Bárbara Isidro
cinematography: Paulo Menezes
cameras: André Costa e Paulo Menezes
sound director: Rúben Costa
post-production coordinator: Catarina Lino
editors: Catarina Lino, Francisco Carvalho, Marlene Santos e Inês Pott
assistant editor: João Pereira
editing and sound mixing: Rúben Costa