5x60’ | HD | 16:9 | 2013


A tv series about people that, in different times of their lives, see their liberty being constrained. Five episodes, five different places where everyone shares the same dilemma: to live between walls, next door to a world full of possibilities.

1. Liberty in Casa da Estrela presents four young women that were taken away from their families and that now live with another 41 girls in the same house.

2. Liberty in Comunidade Vida e Paz presents four men that have conditioned their life with drug abuse. Now they try to get back their life and face a future with hope on their minds.

3. Liberty in Centro Paroquial Social de Santo António de Riachos presents four old-aged people who tell life stories with a spark in their eyes of those who had a past and deals with the present as their health and age allows.

4. Liberty at Ajuda de Mãe presents four young ladies who have limited their entry into adulthood when they decided to take over their pregnancy. Today with wonderful babies on their arms, they try to establish themselves and become independent with their little families.

5. Liberty at Mikael’s house presents a young-man who deals with justice with an electronic bracelent on his ankle. He can’t leave home without having the necessary authorization. How does Mikael spend the extra time he has to spend?


with: Diana Greckauskaité, Inês Pires, Jéssica Esteves e Natália Pires (Casa da Estrela), João Mota, Paulo Vicente, Pedro Coelho, Rui Gonçalves (Comunidade Vida e Paz), António Conde, Célia Saraiva, Fernando Martins e Isabel Valente (Centro Paroquial Social de Riachos), Cleia Adriana, Deisy Lopes, Elisabete Sanches e Sara Pereira (Ajuda de Mãe) e Micael Veiga (Casa de Myka)

counselors: Filipa Reis e João Miller Guerra
production: Filipa Reis
directed by: Filipa Reis e João Miller Guerra
assistant director: Filipe Jorge
production manager: Daniela Soares
production assistant: Sofia Furtado
voice over: Rita Loureiro
voice over text: Joana Gusmão
cinematography: Vasco Viana
additional camera work: André Costa
1st assistant: Ivânia West
sound: Rúben Costa
sound assistant: Ricardo Pereira, Tomé Palmeirim
make-up: Alex Me e Carina Quintiliano
editorsr: Filipe Jorge, Marlene Santos e Catarina Lino
grading: Vasco Viana
editing and sound mixing: Rúben Costa