Family Chef

13x25' + 3 Christmas Specials | HD | 16:9 | 2018


FAMILY CHEF is a cooking and lifestyle program, starring the professional chef Henrique Sá Pessoa. Each episode features a new story where the chef welcomes you inside his house while he cooks with the help of his daughter or a special friend. Through simple but tasty recipes, the chef shares his tricks and tips on how to reinvent your dishes, impress your loved ones and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For the Christmas season we’ve prepared three special episodes. From recipes dedicated to people with dietary restrictions to traditional recipes reinvented with an innovative and practical twist, as well as, a table full of rich and healthy alternatives to prevent the Christmas damages. Three episodes full of tasty suggestions to share with those we love the most.


with: Henrique Sá Pessoa, Inês Sá Pessoa, Sílvia Martinez
content: Henrique Sá Pessoa
assistant to the chef: Pedro Larcher
cinematography: André Costa, Hugo Azevedo, Pedro Macedo
electrician: Ivo Mendes
camera operators: André Costa, Hugo Azevedo, César Passinhas, Manuel Loureiro, Pedro Macedo
additional camera work: Paulo Menezes, Leonor Teles
sound: Rúben Costa, Ricardo Pereira
art Direction: Bárbara Isidro
makeup: Inês Pais
still photography: Sílvia Martinez
graphic design: André Sentieiro
opening credits and animation: Francisco Carvalho
editors: Francisco Carvalho, Marlene Santos, Catarina Lino
assistant editors: Tiago Iúri, Rita Lameiras
colour correction: André Costa
sound mixing: Rúben Costa, Luís Silveira
directed by: Leonor Teles, André Santos and Marco Leão
production manager: Daniela Soares
production assistants: Rafael Marques, Joana Galhardas
production: Filipa Reis


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