A Jewel By Any Other Name

13x25' | HD | 16:9 | 2018


A JEWEL BY ANY OTHER NAME is a documentary series that introduces old and new generations of masters and jewellery artists, designers, watchmakers and goldsmiths from different parts of Portugal. From ancient techniques to new technologies, from traditional materials to unconventional matters, we rediscover an age-old art where each piece is unique and each creation process reveals a story that makes us wonder what a jewel is after all.


created by: Vende-se Filmes
directed by: Sara Morais
content: João Miller Guerra, Sara Morais
prodution: Filipa Reis
prodution manager: Daniela Soares, Rita Laranjeira
cinematography: André Costa, Hugo Azevedo
sound: Rúben Costa, Bernardo Theriaga, Ricardo Pereira
editors: Catarina Lino, Francisco Carvalho, Marlene Santos
graphic design: André Sentieiro