A History of the Film Spectator


In the movie theater, a film provokes a whirlwind of sensations, emotions and thoughts that make us travel, without leaving our seat. In this documentary, the spectator, normally invisible in the dimness of the room, is invited to jump into the center of the screen.
How has the viewer changed with technological changes, the advent of TV, the internet and the smartphone? Is he an apathetic or active entity? How does their brain read the cinematographic image? How has it adapted to the multiplication of screens in everyday life? After all, what is the place of a cinema spectator today?


Written and directed by: José Filipe Costa
An original idea by: Tiago Baptista
Research and consulting by: Paulo Cunha

Cast: Álvaro Faria, José Manuel Mendes, Maria de Jesus, Mariana Fonseca, Mick Greer, Miguel Monteiro, Nuno Cintrão, Ricardo Vaz Trindade, Sofia Cabrita

Director of photography: Hugo Azevedo
Gaffer: Pedro Curto, Mauro Airez
Sound by: Bruno Garcez, Rúben Costa
Costume and set design: Cypress Cook
Hair and makeup: Gisela Correia
Editing by: Luís Nunes, João Braz, Catarina Lino
Sound editing and design: Rúben Costa
Mixing: Pedro Góis
Color grading: Rita Lamas
Post production lab: Kino Sound Studio
VFX: Francisco Carvalho

Production team: Joana Vaz da Silva, Daniela Soares, Vasco Costa, Filipa Falcão, Cátia Pereira
Production manager: Mônica Noronha
Produced by: Filipa Reis
A production by: Vende-se Filmes


IndieLisboa International Film Festival ’23

Caminhos do Cinema Português ’23