Cat's Cradle

DOCUMENTARY / FICTION, Portugal, 2012, 57’, HD


“Things happen, they occur and we either take advantage or we don’t. There’s a children’s game that, in Portugal, goes by the name cat’s cradle: the children tie a rope in a circle, then someone’s hand does this, someone else comes along and complicates it somehow, some finger complicates it even more, yet another one comes and twists his intertwined fingers and pulls his hand, and a new figure is formed. This game is called cat’s cradle. I think that what we have, in life, is a perpetual children’s game with the cat’s cradle, that life presents us with a problem, we look to see what we can get out of it, then we stick our fingers in it, we go like this and something else comes out.

At best, the ability we can hope to achieve is that of becoming children again, and be able to truly see how the cat‘s cradle turns out.”

Agostinho da Silva


With: Joana Santos

Directors: Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra

Script: Pedro Pinho

Cinematography: Vasco Viana

Sound: João Gazua and Ruben Costa

Editing: Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra

Production Manager: Daniela Soares

Production: Filipa Reis | Vende-se Filmes



VI Directors' Week 2014 | Rio de Janeiro, BR

Traces de Vies – Festival du Film Documentaire 2013 | Clermont-Ferrand, FR

Doxs! Documentaries for Children and Youth 2013 | Duisburger, DE

BORDOCS – Tijuana Foro Documental 2013 | Official selection - Iberoamerican Feauture Film | Tijuana, MX

Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival 2013 | Features International Competition |  Curitiba, BR

Black Movie Film Festival 2013 | Geneva, CH

IDFA 2012 | Reflecting Images: Panorama | Amsterdam, NL

Festival dei Popoli 2012 | International Competition | Florence, IT

ForumDoc.BH 2012 | International Competition | Belo Horizonte, BR

Festroia Film Festival 2012 | Setúbal, PT

Indielisboa 2012 | Lisbon, PT

Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira 2012 | Santa Maria da Feira, PT



Portuguese Cinema Screenings - Camões Institute | Warsaw, PL


Cinema Passos Manuel | O'Porto, PT

Cineclube de Viseu | Viseu, PT

Centro Cultural de Cascais | Cascais, PT

Centro Cultural Malaposta | Odivelas, PT

Cinema Verde Viana | Viana do Castelo, PT

Cineclube de Santarém - Teatro Sá da Bandeira | Santarém, PT

Centro Multimeios | Espinho, PT

Benfica ao Luar - Cinema ao Ar Livre | Lisbon, PT


Centro Cultural de Cascais | Cascais, PT

Casa da Cultura | Setúbal, PT

Mostra de Cinema Português | Ljubljana, SL

O Cinema Português Contemporâneo | Porto Alegre, BR

“Novos e Novíssimos do Cinema Português”, Cinema Nimas | Lisboa, PT

Shortcutz | Lisboa, PT

The Portuguese Conspiracy 2013 | London, UK

Casa da Avenida | Setúbal, PT

Mostra do Cinema Português “Programa Kino.PT” | Varsóvia, PL


Cinema commercial release at City Alvalade, 2013 | Lisbon, PT

Cinema commercial release at Auditório Charlot | Setúbal, PT


RTP2 | 2012

TVCine2 | Curtas às Quartas | 2015


Award for Best Portuguese Short Film | Indielisboa 2012 | Lisbon, PT

Revelation Award | Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira 2012 | Santa Maria da Feira, PT


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