Europe 30

soon at RTP2

6x40min | HD | 16:9 | color | documentary series | portugal | 2016


1986-2016: 30 years after the country joined the EEC, what has changed in Portugal? What challenges lay ahead, what expectations and frustrations, what paths and strategies?

A 6-film series that aims to contribute to an assessment of these 30 years and deepen the debate about a European Portugal and its position in relation to a European society of 28 countries, at a time when Europe is at an impasse and revealing its contradictions.


Authors: Severiano Teixeira and David Castaño
Scriptwriters: Joana Pontes, David Castaño, Catarina Fernandes Martins
Director: Joana Pontes
Archive Research: Maria João Torgal
Research: Catarina Fernandes Martins
Image: João Pedro Plácido, Rui Xavier, Vasco Viana
Sound: Armanda Carvalho
Editing: Rui Branquinho, Catarina Lino
Interviews: David Castaño, Catarina Fernandes Martins, Joana Pontes
Producer: Patrícia Faria
Production: Vende-se Filmes | Filipa Reis


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